Monday, November 19, 2007

Squidoo - Co-op

Ever inquire why they don't sell a batch of books at the hardware shop or the corner grocery? It's because books sell better when they are adjacent to other books. The competition actually increases sales.

The propinquity result on Squidoo imminently works like this.

1. community SUPPORT:

First, there's an unbelievable community of smart lensmasters who are always willing to help. Squidoo's military volunteer squad of Citizen Squids and Squid Angels are also there to acquire you started, or to share tips for going deeper.

2. sociable TRAFFIC:

Then there's the societal traffic. Sociable traffic is a small like what haps when you travel to a movie.

If you've got tickets to gap nighttime of The Transformers, opportunities are you'll be standing in line next to people somewhat your age (they loved Optimus Prime as a kid, too).

They're probably interested in sci fi and fantasy, just like you. Maybe they'll even like the same trailers. And I wager if person in that line recommended another sci fi film to you, you'd be more than inclined to listen than, say, if an advertizement told you about it.


Squidoo is called a co-op for a reason. Success is shared. The better your friends perform, the more than traffic you are feasible to get. And in a nice twist, the better your rivals do, the better opportunity your lenses have got of getting establish as well.

Look around. Can you see any familiar faces?

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