Friday, November 16, 2007

Blog Marketing - Observations

This morning, and I intend really early morning, I went about my weekly perusing of about 50 or so SEO and SEM blogs.

For the most portion this is a very enlightening and appreciated experience. However, there are a few barriers to blog reader experience that I experience especially obligated to point out. The followers observations are relevant for any concern blog:

• Don't do readers register or login to do a comment. What, you're too lazy to pull off all the remark spam? Or put in a better Spam filter? You're lucky to acquire people to your blog in the first place. Why make it inconvenient to interact?

• Please don't print content in PDF of multiple sclerosis Word formatting that would be just as mulct as a web page. I hear you saying, what? Yes, there are a few blogs out there that station using a blog content direction system, but print longer articles, achromatic papers, etc in other formats. At least warn readers before they chink on the link.

• Why Ohio why must so many blogs do it hard to subscribe? Get an RSS button up above the fold. Add your RSS URL to an car find tag in the caput template. If you really desire to capture other readers, add an RSS to electronic mail option like the 1 offered at Feedblitz.

• Putting a batch of contextual advertisements (especially un-customized ads) on top or within the stations is just apparent ugly and inconvenient for the reader. Seeing those advertisements instantly drops credibleness for the blog and do it look desperate.

• If you are gracious adequate to let readers to do comments, perhaps responding to a few mightiness be a thought? For those blogs that acquire a batch of comments, this tin be difficult. Especially if you're occupy doing your regular occupation and don't have got a batch of clip to pass on the blog all day. However, getting remarks is one of the best signalings of how well your content is resonating with readers. Most blog software system will ping you an electronic mail when remarks are made, so there's no alibi not to do an appearance.

• Not publishing the day of the month or the name of the writer of the blog station is one of my pet peeves. I like to cognize the station is current and I always like to cognize who (real or persona) have written the post. Otherwise, it looks like a fast one to do the blog look updated when it's not.

• You have got such as great content, why is it so hard to find? Biggest discourtesies in this country are: No archives, no categories, no tags and no land site search. C'mon people, this is easy material to implement and if you're making it hard for users to happen your former posts, opportunities are hunt engines aren't having an easy clip of it either. Just because it's a blog doesn't intend people are reading you every twenty-four hours and don't necessitate to see past posts. Show archives chronologically and by category. Offer related stations and recent posts. Give users multiple ways to happen past content and you'll increase repetition visitants as well as new visitants via search.

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